Install BizTalk 2004 On Windows XP SP 2

Windows XP with service pack 2 has features that will make installing BizTalk ‘fun’, but it obviously can be done. Here is a short version of what I did to get it running right in the first three times. This install will account for a fairly minimum install of BizTalk for core development purposes and will not include any of the workflow or SharePoint related items.

1) Install Windows XP 2

2) Install IIS on XP2 (optional)

3) SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition

4) SQL Server 2000 Service Pack Four

5) Visual Studio 2003

6) MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2 (Microsoft XML Core Services) msxml.msi

7) DEPRICATED – SOAP Toolkit 3.0 soapsdk.exe

8) SqlXml 3.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3)  sqlxml.msi

9) Grant full NTFS rights for ‘Network Service’ (a special user account found on you XP OS) to C:\Windows\Temp and sub directories. If your Windows XP OS has not been joined to an active directory, simple file sharing is probably turned on. Microsoft provides steps to turn this off here. You may have to turn this off in order to set permissions.

10) Start Sql services, including the Sql Agent.

11) Change the RPM Endpoint Mapper Settings.
If you do not do this, SSO will fail during install. You can quit the BT config, make the fix, and start over by re-running C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004\ConfigFramework.exe. The problem is that you will have some oddly named databases in SQL because some have been installed and some have not. So when you go back to running ConfigFramework.exe, you will have to remove various databases related to your failed BT install, or rename them.

a. Run gpedit.msc

b. Select “Computer Config”

c. Select “Administrative Templates”

d. Select “System”

e. Select “Remote Procedure Call”

f. Select “RPC Endpoint Mapper Client Authentication”

g. Set To Enabled

h. Start the Distributed Transaction Coordinator in the Services Control Applet

i. (Note: this portion has proven to be required when using the Sql Adapter. It may not be required for your install.) Go to "Administrative Tools > Component Services".

j. On the left navigation tree, go to Component Services, Computers, My Computer

k. Right click on "My Computer", select "Properties".

l. Select "MSDTC" tab.

m. Click "Security Configuration".

n. Make sure you check
"Network DTC Access",
"Allow Remote Client",
"Allow Inbound/Outbound",
"Enable TIP"
"No Authentication Required"
(Some option may not be necessary, have a try to get your configuration).

o. The service will restart.

12) You may not have to do this, but I would then reboot the Pc.

13) Install BizTalk to your liking. I do not install the components that require Sql Analysis Services or Share Point, but the rest installs clean the first time.

14) Install BizTalk Sp1

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