MediaWiki skin gumax 3.0 is released

It has been a while before this new skin is released. I had worked on a few bugs under Internet Explorer 6, such as color, position, and page size. also I tested this new skin under new MediaWiki 1.9.0, and it works very well. Here are some highlights of this new skin.

  • Fixed size of the page, give MediaWiki more professional look
  • Moved login menu to top for easy access
  • Simplify the design, make it look clean
  • Fix the login form which is invisible in IE
  • Fix the create account form which is invisible in IE
  • Fix the preferences positioning and floating in IE
  • Enable edit section
  • Page background is using customized pictures, which allows users to customize specific look, such as color and shadow
  • Many other optimization

It works on Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, and Internet Explorer 7.0, and It had been tested under MediaWiki 1.8.2, it may work with other MediaWiki versions.

Your comments or suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to offer any general comments or offer a suggestion on how I can improve this skin, and please post on MediaWiki Skin

123 Responses

  1. Hello,

    I have modified your skin a little bit to fit out liking. But I did notice a problem:


    There are huge white spaces after the sections in IE7. It does not show up in Firefox. I also noticed that there is a problem with the graphic that shows a link is offsite. Again this is only in IE7.



  2. Paul says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I checked your mods, you changed the width to 100%, this is OK.

    I had tested your web site under Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer, it works great. I cannot see any thing wrong with it.

    I guess your browser still has cache and may cause some weird look.

  3. I guess I should have done this first…Here is a screenshot of what I see with IE7. I did clear my browser cache and still have this problem.


    You can see the white spaces on this screenshot down toward the bottom.


    Here you can see where I have the black box around the menu. The bookstore link works right but the Online store does not have the image and just has a whitespace after it.



  4. Paul says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Your specific issue only happens in Internet Explorer, I guess because the positioning tags in style file conflicts with your templates, you can try add or change positioning tag in your templates, as well as change some positioning in the style sheet.

  5. George says:

    Hi Paul,

    The new skin looks great.
    What have you done for some of the extensions that you’re using?



  6. Paul says:

    These are MediaWiki templates. If you have several standard pages on Wiki page, you need templates.

    The detail help can be found at MediaWiki templates.

  7. Doug Sharp says:

    I was frustrated with the stale look of my wiki and had considered switching to something other than mediawiki – but then I found your gumax skin. Very nice work.


  8. Doug Sharp says:

    When I logon to my wiki, the skin reverts to the default. When I log out, it picks up your skin. I just upgraded my site to 1.8.2 and ran the upgrade scripts as instructed by the host (Dreamhost). Have you seen this before? Any ideas?


  9. Paul says:

    Hi Doug,

    You are very welcome. If you want to use a skin as the default, open the file LocalSettings.php, and find or add this to the file:

    $wgDefaultSkin = ‘gumax’;

    This will set “gumax” as your default skin for your Wiki, and this will only affect the new users.

    For the existing users, they must go to My Preferences -> Skin and set the skin to “guman” in order to use the new skin.

    BTW, thank you very much for your support.



  10. Paul says:


    Thanks for giving away this fantastic work! I’ve implemented it in my corporate wiki so I’ll let you know how the staff likes the UI. Keep em coming!



  11. Doug Sharp says:

    The issue I mentioned earlier on your blog was my mistake. Both skins I’ve tried (gumax and _ycgu_max_) work perfectly in Firefox 1.5 and IE 6.

    I’ve made a small donation via paypal – you obviously put a great deal of time into these designs.

    Thanks again,

  12. Paul Gu says:

    I’m so glad that you figured it out :).

    Your support made a big difference for me, thank you very much. If any question about the skin, feel free to ask here.

    Paul Gu

  13. love the skin – great work.

  14. Paul Gu says:

    I’m so glad you love it :).

  15. Rosina Lippi says:


    I very much admire your work, but I have a few questions. These are very rudimentary questions as I am new to setting up a Wiki; please feel free to send me elsewhere if there’s a discussion forum that would be a better place.

    Media-Wiki is installed, though I haven’t figured out how to do a lot of the customization yet. Instead I added your skin (I was looking for something that was clean and elegant and didn’t necessarily look like a Wiki). I am quite comfortable with css and basic html, so I was able to make some changes (as you’ll see if you look at the url I left).

    Here are the things that are unclear to me, and I haven’t been able to find instructions anywhere:

    Is there a way to have the sidebar on the internal pages? And if not, how do you get to the toolbox?

    I’d really like a larger (height) header, and a larger logo space. Is there an easy way to do that?

    Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

  16. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Rosina,

    Here are what I got for you:

    1) Yes, you could put the sidebar inside the pages, you need to know a little bit of php programming. My skin has all the wiki tools that MedaiaWiki has: the navigation is the main menu, the login is on the top, the content tools is at the end of the page, and the rest of tools are located at the footer. This design is dedicated to maximize the page space and make it look like professional web site.

    2) If you need to change the height of the header, open file ycgu_template.css and file following section:

    #header {
    background: #fff;
    position: relative;
    z-index: 100; /* make logo visible over content*/
    min-height: 80px; /* height of header */
    height: 80px; /* need for IE */
    voice-family: “\”}\””;
    voice-family: inherit;
    margin: 0;
    padding-top: 30px; /* height factor of header */
    } #ignored {}

    change the min-height and height to whatever you like.

    Any other questions, please feel free to ask here :).

  17. Adam says:

    Hi Paul, I just tried to install your skin onto my wiki: http://www.df06.overkillgame.com but when you change the preferences to use it all you can see is a blank gray page.

    Am I being stupid? I just unzipped the files into the skins directory, is there anything I should edit to get this to work?


  18. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Adam,

    I checked your MediaWiki version, it shows MediaWiki: 1.6.7. I think that’s most like the problem because I haven’t tested my skin on MediaWiki below 1.7.2.

  19. Kai Brinker says:

    It works fine for me on 1.6.7 after I removed line 81ish of gumax.php, which calls to makeglobalvariablesscript(). I have to wait for my host to update to PHP5 until I can upgrade. The skin really looks great!

  20. Kai Brinker says:

    I provided the wrong URL for my clickable name in the comment above. If you want to see it working on 1.6.7, click the name above *this* entry.

  21. Kai Brinker says:

    I do have one question… What’s the ideal image size for the logo? I used my MonoBook-perfect 135×135 version and it got cut off. I cropped it to 135×80, but the problem remains.

  22. Paul Gu says:

    It’s great that you figured it out :).

    My skin doesn’t limit the logo size, as long as it fits inside the header. If you have a customized logo, you need to open file ycgu_template.css, and change the following section:

    #p-logo a,
    #p-logo a:hover { width: 180px; height: 72px; }


    #header {
    background: #fff;
    position: relative;
    z-index: 100; /* make logo visible over content*/
    min-height: 80px; /* height of header */
    height: 80px; /* need for IE */
    voice-family: “\”}\””;
    voice-family: inherit;
    margin: 0;
    padding-top: 30px; /* height factor of header */
    } #ignored {}

    Change the logo width and height, as well as header height.

  23. Kyla says:

    Hi Paul-

    Awesome skin! I’ve been messing around with an internal wiki and would really love to change the names of the navigation tabs at the top of the page…but can’t for the life of me figure out how to do so. Am I missing something? Any advice would be great.


  24. joe says:

    i cannot find the items i put in the monobook sidebar. How to recreate in your skin

  25. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Kyla,

    For changing the tabs:

    In Mediawiki search field, enter “mediawiki:sidebar”, then edit the page and change items to whatever you want.

    To see the changes, you need to clean the browser cache.

  26. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Joe,

    Did you add any code to the monobook.php?

    If you did, you need to open gumax.php file and add the same code manually.

  27. BigBad says:

    lovely work… I really wanted something to help me make my site not look like just another mediawiki site… your skin did the trick, with a little massaging…

    nicely set out and easy to go through…

    well done… and great that you make your work available.. if only more of us were doing the same.

  28. BigBad says:

    Hey paul, just realised in ie5 and 6 the background of the main text area is infront of all my divs … still can click them but can’t see them… any idea what could be causing that?

  29. Paul Gu says:

    I checked your site, everything works great. I’m not exactly sure what is your issue, but you could check if you have “position:absolute” and “z-index” in those divs.

  30. BigBad says:

    Hey paul, just fixed before reading your post… guess what the problem was?

    “position:absolute” and “z-index”

    ; -) you da man… lill paypal coming your way mate.

    THanks for your help.


  31. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Bigbad,

    You are welcome.
    Thank you very much for your donation and great support.


  32. vietbio says:

    Hi Paul,

    Gunmax skin is such wonderful. I had implemented in my wiki 1.6.9(http://www.thuvienkhoahoc.com/map/). However, i could not show a js typing tool (http://www.thuvienkhoahoc.com/map/MediaWiki:Him.js) that normally below sidebar in the monobook skin (http://www.thuvienkhoahoc.com/map/MediaWiki:Monobook.js). Could you kindly show me how to put these radio buttons either below or above link to Special:Whatlinkhere, Special:Recentchangeslinked .v.v?

  33. Paul Gu says:

    I haven’t tested Monobook.js under my skin, so I’m not sure how it works and what it looks like.

    If you want to add the menu to the “Toolbox”, you need to open file “gumax.php”, then find section: personal tools, you could add any link or buttons there.

  34. Tom says:

    Really like the projects here. When do you think you will have the code posted for the latest wiki skin?

    Thanks in advance.

  35. Paul Gu says:

    I have mid-term right now, and many assignments and readings need to be completed :(.

    I still have a little work on the new skin before I can release it.

  36. BigBad says:

    Hey paul,

    I am trying to set up my site http://www.radiopaedia.org to have a thin column on the right for image thumbs, the rest of the page for text. What I would like is the colum border for the images to go all the way down to the bottom of the text irrespective of howmany images there are…

    below these two blocks I would like a full width horizontal block…

    I cant figure out which bock the main content is in..? I figure I can specify both of these with absolute position. How would I get each of the two top blocks to be only as long as the longest of the two?

    this page is an example http://www.radiopaedia.org/index.php?title=Haemangioblastoma

    I you can help that would be great.

  37. Igor Morgado says:

    Print Version.

    Hi Paul,

    Your template its clean and amazing.

    Im wondereing: where is the Print Friendly link?

    Did you removed it?

    If yes.. how can I take it back? Its a really good feature, when we want print some articles.

    Best regards,

  38. Carsten says:

    Hello Paul,
    I´m from Germany and found your Skin today. It´s great that there is a different skin from the mediawiki skin. I tried to change it a little bit like you have it done on the photo. Can you tell me where I have to change the navigation menu? I want to put some links above the page and put my own at the navigation on the top instead of like you did it with Myblog, Links, contact me etc.

    Best regards

  39. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Carsten,

    Navigation menu is in the mediawiki. In order to change it, type “MediaWiki:Sidebar” in search field, then edit the page.

  40. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Igor,

    I haven’t looked at that function, I will add it to my next release if I missed.

  41. Paul Gu says:

    Hi BigBad,

    You could use templates to do that, instead of coding. I think it would be easier.

  42. Carsten says:

    Hello Paul,
    I’ve tried it with MediaWiki:Sidebar. But I only get a notice that there is no page with the title MediaWiki:Sidebar. I´m using the newest version. Could it be that there is something different in the version 1.9.0?

    Another problem is that at the bottom of the page your Skin doesn’t work. Maybe the Skin doesn’t work with 1.9.0.

    Best regards

  43. Eric says:

    Hi Paul,

    I’m making a very small community website and your skin is excellent and much more user friendly than the other mediawiki skins in my opinion. I’m trying to edit the sidebar and run into the same problem that Carsten does, I get the no page exists message. I’m using 1.9.2.

    Thanks for your work on this!

  44. Igor Morgado says:


    You should look better;


    (this is my sidebar, just as example.

  45. Eric says:

    Ok, I found it. Even though the page says that there are no found results, the word Mediawiki:Sidebar is in red. If you click on it you’re taken to the right place. Not the best useablitiy structure but as always, once you know, you know.

    Paul thanks again, its a brilliant skin.


  46. Carsten says:

    Seems to be a bug of the 1.9 version. When I put MediaWiki:Sidebar in the browser it works. But not in the search field.

    Is it possible to put some parts of the sidebar to the footer? And how??

    I’ve been at your website. Do you use .htaccess? That´s another part that doesn’t work. Can you tell me how you did it?

  47. Carsten says:

    Thank you Eric. Now it works but the design has an error. For example at the bottom. Is this because of the version 1.9.2?

  48. Paul Gu says:

    I think so, that’s why my next release will update the core code according mediawiki 1.9.0 and up.

  49. Carsten says:

    Hello Paul,
    I tried your AdSense extension. It´s a great tool and easy to install.

    Is it possible to use other formats like a skyscraper or a 135×135 button?

    What means “CAR” and “JOB”?

    Sorry for asking so much staff but I really like your work :-)


  50. ajay says:

    in the login page when i type the wrong password i find that the error message is not visible as it is hidden behind the login form.is there something that can be done about it

  51. Paul Gu says:

    I fixed that in my skin 3.0; if you are using 2.0, there is a patch on my wiki. The issue only occurs in IE.

  52. Kris says:

    hi paul, i haven’t installed your skin yet–i’m going to wait until you have the 1.9.x compliant skin available. just a note to say it looks real good and you’re doing us all a great service. thanks!

  53. SactoEric says:

    I saw a couple of you have changed the logo and where it links… how do you do that? and how do you change which page loads when you enter when you just type in the domain name?

  54. SactoEric says:

    Nevermind… Google is my friend 😉
    –> change mediawiki:mainpage

  55. Adam says:

    Thanks for the skin Paul, it’s all working and looking great so I’ve sent you a donation!

    It’s really made a big difference to our Wiki at http://df06.overkillgame.com/darkwiki/
    so thanks once again and keep up the good work.

    Adam Raphael

  56. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you very much for your donation and support.



  57. Nils says:


    this is a nice skin. but i have the version 1.6.9. I have only PHP 4 and not PHP5. have you a skin that is for version 1.6.9?

  58. Paul Gu says:

    Yes, you can install this skin by removing one line in gumax.php, refer to comment 19 from Kai Brinker.

  59. Nils says:

    ok, thank you. it works well.

  60. Leonardo says:

    Hi Igor Morgado, i’m Brazilian too, and i saw your homepage with paulgu skin, it’s very interesting.
    I’m doing a project with mediawiki to catalog all my city. I would like to chat with you about my idea, and to know if you can help me in design.
    My contact is:
    MSN: lleoliveira@yahoo.com.br
    ICQ: 328854169
    Skype: lleoliveira
    Email: lleoliveirabr@gmail.com

  61. Jaya says:

    Hi Paul,

    Just happened to see this page where I can give my comments/requests. You are really giving great support here!

    It will be nice to have a jump icon/link to move from top to bottom or vice versa in a page. This is quite useful for large pages (eg. BluWiki skin).


  62. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Jaya,

    Great idea, I’ll try to add that in the new release :D.

  63. Anonymous says:

    When is the new release coming out?

  64. Christian says:

    Great skin! But I have a little problem with Konqueror: there is a (very annoying) vertical scrollbar. With Firefox all seems to be OK.

    I’ve noticed that there is a KHTMLFixes.css. How ca I use it?

    Thank you for your job.

  65. Paul Gu says:

    I’m preparing for my final exams and graduation now, so the new skin will be delayed. I think it will be available next month. Sorry for long waiting.

    Hi Christian, you can open file ycgu_main.css, and add this line to the file:

    @import url(“KHTMLFixes.css”);

    That’s it.

  66. Christian says:

    I’ve added “@import url(”KHTMLFixes.css”);” to ycgu_main.css but the problem is still there.

    I’m using Konqueror 3.5.6 on Fedora Core 6. Note that this problem is not present in Konqueror 3.3.1 (testing on CentOS).

  67. Nate says:

    Best of luck on your exams, Paul. Don’t work too hard. :)

  68. Davinia says:

    Hi Paul,

    I just installed your VERY NICE skin to my new wikipage. And I’m customizing it to my liking….

    But theres 2 things bothering me, that I cannot seem to fix.


    In the blue frame, that half transparant logo, will not go away. Do you know how to fix that.

    In the red frames, the blue colors… I would like to change them to green, but cannot find where to do that.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out.
    Greetz, Davinia

  69. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Davinia,

    I cannot see your wiki or the screen shot, I’m not sure what your issues are?

  70. Davinia says:

    Hmmz sorry, put the pic in the wrong place, should work now…

  71. Paul Gu says:

    The first is same as wiki default setting in the LocalSettings.php called $wgLogo, and go to mediawiki to modify it.

    The second is located in file ycgu_link_navigation.css.

  72. Leonardo says:

    How to hide Main Page title of mainpage?
    On my wiki: Main Page = Página Inicial
    I would like to hide that on gumax and other skins too.

  73. Davinia says:

    Thank you… it’s fixed. Looks beautifull now

  74. Yossarian says:

    “Enable edit section”

    I read this on the description of the template, but I have been unable to see the edit links next to the sections in my content.


    How can I activate them or put them in the template?

    Thanx, great template btw, I love it!

  75. Rainer says:

    Great Skin! I have the same problem as Yossarian … how to enable “edit section” …is that possible with your “_ycgu_max_” as well?


  76. Martin says:

    Good morning,

    thanks a lot Paulgu, I really like your skin and use it for the documentation wiki of 34all (http://goosebumps4all.net/34all/documentation).

    One thing I wanted to let you know is that there is a reference in the ycgu_template.css file to an image by the name of container_bg.gif, which is not included in the download of your skin. I copied the image file from an older version of your skin, so I am fine, just wanted to let you know.

    be well


  77. Mike says:

    Hi Paul,

    First let me say thanks for your time and effort on this project, it’s great – gongxi ni!

    I’m trying to perform a particular modification with your skin – I wonder if you can help me out…

    I want to divide the site between a “backroom staff” of editors and the “front end” regular users. No problems in setting the permissions to ensure this, but in order for it to really feel like a “real website”, I want the functional toolbox bits to be hidden from regular users, and only visible when an editor is logged in.

    So ideally, this customization would leave regular users with no toolbox (the section which reads “Article | Discussion | Edit | History”) and no footer information (“What links here | Related changes | Special pages”) visible to regular users.

    I can do these changes in the Monobook skin (yuck) but I seem to be having problems finding the relevant sections in your code to modify it. Any ideas?

    Ganxie ni,


  78. Karsten says:

    I’m really looking forward to your gumax 3.1 update. Hope you get time to work on it even though you’re not a student anymore. Could you send me an email once the skin is finished? Thanks…

  79. Paul Gu says:

    Hi All,

    Sorry for late reply, since my final exams are coming. Thanks for all your comments.


    Hi Rainer,

    Open file _ycgu_template.css and find this:

    .editsection {
    display: none;
    margin-top: .6em;
    font-size: 85%;

    Remove the display: none; and you are done.


    Hi Mike,

    You need to open the gumax.php, which has different structure with Monobook’s, but the core code are same.

  80. jim says:

    Hi, There,

    Your skin looks nice but I could not find any instruction about how to install your skin. Do you have any at all?



  81. jim says:

    Also, a question about your site, it seems it is using wordpress instead of mediawiki. Is it true or not?


  82. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Jim,

    The installation of skin is same as the other skins, which can be found on MediaWiki site.

    For my site, I’m using both, so I can have two types of advanced features.

  83. jim says:

    Hi, Paul,

    Thanks for the quick response!

    I tried your skin. It only shows up before I login to my wiki. And it seems cannot have too many pages. All my pages show up on the top as tabs and they all crowd together, not look nice. Once I login, everything goes back as the monobook. Do you have an idea why is this?

    It is interesting that you comingle mediawiki and worfpress together. Do you have any article or reference about how to do this? And what is your purpose of doing it? In other words, what kind of advantages you get from each and how you combine them together?



  84. jim says:

    Just figured out that the wordpress is based on the mediawiki. Therefore, the right question should really be how to use wordpress but still have the flexbility of mediawiki. I need do some homework about this one. Thanks!

  85. Abhinay says:

    Hi Paul,

    First lemme thank you for such a nice and wonderful template…now instead of using the goto and search buttons provided by you in the skin i would like to use the buttons which i designed using flash, can you please tell me how do i go about it, which file/ function do i need to modify.

    Also do you have an instruction doc, which can be used by novices like me to customise the template?


  86. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Abhinay,

    You need to open the file gumax.php in order to change images.

    For skin customization, there have some on MediaWiki, and you need to do many research on the internet ( I’m assuming you have really good programing skills such as PHP, HTML, CSS, some design patterns, etc.).

  87. Abhinay says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thank u for a quick reply, i am mostly involved with the graphics end of programming, yes i have worked with html but not extensively…but i do understand the logic and the code…will try modifying the gumax.php code file.

    Thank you again for the reply.


  88. Abhinay says:

    Hi Paul,

    Can you help me with this, i want to change “Powered by mediawki” and “Design by Paul Gu” links in footer to “Powered by Mediawiki Driven by Paul Gu”

    I have located the following in the footer…

    Powered by MediaWiki
    Design by Paul Gu

    However whatever changes i make, the website doesnt change, it still shows
    Powered by Mediawiki | Design by Paul gu

    Also, i was browsing the mediawiki FAQ, it says that i can restrict users who are not logged in, from editing the pages although i entered the code in the gumax.php source file , the condition did not work.

    The “if” condition is as stated below…

    data[‘loggedin’]) { ?>

    .editsection { display: none; }

    It wud be kind of you to help me sort these bugs…


  89. Rob says:

    Hello Paul,

    Firstly, congrats on a fantastic skin for the MediaWiki I have been impressed at its sleakness. There are a couple of things in your 3.1 version I was interested in so without sounding very cheeky, I wondered when you were considering releasing.

    Waiting in anticipation!


  90. Abhinay says:

    Hi Paul,

    I know your exams must be going on now…Best of Luck of the exams! I have figured out the solution for the queries raised by me in my initial comment, however i am facing some new difficulties especially in uploading file with different formats.

    You see i am making a tutorial website, specifically for Flash and Photoshop.

    I would like to know how can i (and others with tutorials on similar topics) can upload and embed files with flash extensions (*.swf) in mediawiki? It would be of great help to me. By the way your mediawiki skins rocks!!! Everyone likes it very much.


  91. Davinia says:

    Hi again,

    I’ve refitted your skin to another site (see link) and I’m trying to hide the Content Actions menu so it looks even more like a real webpage. So I’ve set the font color to white so you only see it when your hoovering over it.

    Now my question: How do I remove the vertical lines in between “page-edit-etc”??

    Greetz Davinia

  92. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Davinia,

    You need to open the gumax.php file and remove the “|”.

  93. Davinia says:

    Simple enough 😀
    I was just looking in the wrong place, Thank you for the quick response

  94. silmarien says:

    Hello Paul,

    I wanted to thank you for your skin, I use it on our website.(I’ve modified it a bit to fit the site design, I hope you won’t mind)


  95. Chris says:

    Hi Paul

    Very impressive skin.

    I’ve used it on http://www.bananapages.co.uk and i’m very pleased, however when a user logs out the screen shows a very basic version, not the proper version, what do I need to do?


  96. Chris says:

    Sorry re post 96

    Please look at http://www.bananapages.co.uk/wiki


  97. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Chris,

    Did you set the default skin in LocalSettings.php?

  98. Chris says:


    Yes, LocalSettings.php has $wgDefaultSkin = ‘gumax’;


  99. Chris says:

    Sorted :)

    It required “s not ‘ ’s

    $wgDefaultSkin = “gumax”; not $wgDefaultSkin = ‘gumax’;


  100. Paul Gu says:

    That’s weird.

  101. Philipp says:

    Hello Paulgu!

    I have a Problem with the Search Buttons.
    In front of the text on the Searchbuttons is <
    and after the text, is >

    I don’t know what i could do…

    Look at my Website, there you’ll see my problem.

    Thank you!
    Maybe you can help me.

  102. Joeri says:

    The skin is great!

    Love it!

    Great work Paul!

  103. Joeri says:

    I have the same Problem as Philipp.

    My search button is the same like his.

    It says: <searcharticles>

    Paul can you plz help us?

    My mediawiki version is 1.5

  104. Philipp says:

    Hello Paul!

    I have a Problem with the Search Buttons.
    In front of the text on the Searchbuttons is

    I don’t know what i could do…

    Look at my Website, there you’ll see my problem.

    Thank you!
    Maybe you can help me.


  105. Paul Gu says:

    I believe it related to the mediawiki version. You can do following in order to solve the problem:

    1) look at Monobook.php and find the search code.
    2) Open GuMax.php and find the same search code.
    3) Try to replace the search code in GuMax.php with Monobook’s.

    It should fix the version compatibility.

  106. Clement Ongera says:

    Hello once again I tried to follow a suggestion you [quote comment=”141″]Hi Carsten,

    Navigation menu is in the mediawiki. In order to change it, type “MediaWiki:Sidebar” in search field, then edit the page.[/quote]

    I tried the above method and this is what I got
    “This page provides interface text for the software, and is locked to prevent abuse.

    You can view and copy the source of this page:

    what next?

  107. Clement Ongera says:

    i forgot to tell you that i’m using wikimedia 1.11.0 and your skin sgumax 3.1

    thanks for the help

  108. wwalsh says:

    I have the same problem as 107 – its driving me nuts! Any advice greatly appreciated!!!!

  109. wwalsh says:

    see my solution to the above on the forum

  110. Sindhu says:


    Ur new skin verion is cool.. But ill appreacite if u could tell me
    the fix u did for the “password error message not seen in IE”
    in version 3.1.1, So that i can implement the same in the version 3.1.
    B’cos my wiki users prefer the look of version 3.1.


  111. Ravindran says:

    I devloped one mediawiki site for local users, I used ur skin, it was very nice, i want to modify my sidebar, In main page my side bar option is Knowledge base, after click the knowledge base the remining links will be displayed in sidebar, can u please help me for this, i want to know in where and which code i have to modify for this.

    Please help me…

    Last 2 days i am working in this mediawiki, so i dont have much time to study this, so please help me.

  112. Ravindran says:

    In my devlopment area, the user want to add some details, if he add that details that information will be displayed in main page, is this is possible

  113. Nalleli Falconi says:

    Hi Paul!
    I don’t speak englich very well so, i need to be brief…

    I embed a .swf in the mi code is:

    header.html is the file that really embed the header.swf

    But, in my page the swf doesn’t works.

    I think it’s a problem of paths… but i put the swf file in every directory of mediawiki and it still doesn’t works…

    I really hope ‘u can help me… i’m so frustrated… two days without sleep and nothing works…

    Thanks so much!

  114. Hoshi says:

    Hi Paul,

    great skin! thanks for the hard work!

  115. Hilary says:

    It’s professional but printing is no good. How to improve?

  116. Hi Paul,

    First I would like to say great skin. I’m using it to power my new wiki which aims to be the sex positive analog of wikipedia, much like FetLife.com is akin to Facebook.

    I am trying to install the AddThis sharing service bar to the skin and would like for it to display after the first heading of each article. For an example, please see here:


    The question I have for you is this: How?

    I found instructions on Google as to how to do this with Monobook, but your skins code is very different. I only know enough of PHP and CSS to edit minor things here and there. Would you please help me figure this out?

    Thanks in advance.


  117. Articulos says:

    I like your blog….

    Where is your Rss feed?…

  118. Paul Gu says:

    Links are added……

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  122. janebrendan says:

    great post i have bookmarked your blog.