MediaWiki skin gumax 3.0 is released

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It has been a while before this new skin is released. I had worked on a few bugs under Internet Explorer 6, such as color, position, and page size. also I tested this new skin under new MediaWiki 1.9.0, and it works very well. Here are some highlights of this new skin.

  • Fixed size of the page, give MediaWiki more professional look
  • Moved login menu to top for easy access
  • Simplify the design, make it look clean
  • Fix the login form which is invisible in IE
  • Fix the create account form which is invisible in IE
  • Fix the preferences positioning and floating in IE
  • Enable edit section
  • Page background is using customized pictures, which allows users to customize specific look, such as color and shadow
  • Many other optimization

It works on Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, and Internet Explorer 7.0, and It had been tested under MediaWiki 1.8.2, it may work with other MediaWiki versions.

Your comments or suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to offer any general comments or offer a suggestion on how I can improve this skin, and please post on MediaWiki Skin