MediaWiki skin GuMax 3.2.1 is released

This new design supports multiple navigation menus, which is not supported by previous GuMax releases. However, this will reduce the width of web page. Details are:

  • Support multiple navigation menus
  • Allow any width of web page
  • Support new Ajax search
  • Site logo is associated to page
  • Support many different styles in one skin

I decided to release GuMax 3.2.1, instead of GuMax 3.2, since I changed the design and made width of web page be very flexible. You can change the width of the page without break the design.

This skin also support different logo image for pages, all you need to do is put the image files in the folder header with same name with page title (You can find the page title by view source from browser).

GuMax 3.2.1

17 Responses

  1. Nick says:


    We are trying to incorporate your skin on our Mediawiki installation (v. 1.10.0). It works great in FireFox, and for the most part in IE6. However, in IE, when I hover over the main links on the left, all the links except the one I hover over disappear, and do not return. You have any suggestions on how to fix this?

    Also, I would like to move the bottom “edit bar” to above the page content, or in the left side menu. We would like to be able to see the “Edit” button up as high as possible on the longer pages.

    Thanks for your help, and for your hard work on the great skin!!!

  2. Paul Gu says:

    I had tested the skin in IE6, it works great for me. I’m not sure what’s your issue. Did you customize it or it?

  3. Nick says:

    Hi Paul,

    The only thing I modified was to switch the skin from the orange theme to the gray one. However, I re downloaded and re copied the files into my skins directory, and didn’t touch a thing, and still had the problem in IE 6.0. Any ideas on what may be causing this is greatly appreciated.

    Also, I was wondering if it is easy to move the bottom edit bar from below the page content to above it, or to move it into the side menu. Thanks.

    Thanks Again

  4. Paul Gu says:

    Can you give me the link, so I can test it to see what is issue.

  5. darkpollo says:

    The best template in the www. 😀
    But, i dont know how to do a simple change.
    I want to use the extended theme, i changed it. Perfect.
    Now i would like to show the Wiki Logo on the left, and the header center as the default one is.
    How can i make to show the logo?
    I am feeling stupid. :S

    Also, i want to disable the center header and i am not sure how to do that. Thanks.

  6. Nick says:

    Sorry but the site is behind a firewall. I guess I will have to try to fix it myself…thanks anyway :) Great work!!

  7. Paul Gu says:

    I tried on my site, I cannot find anything wrong.

    I had updated the php file and gumax_template.css file. You can try to download again to see if the problem still exists.

    It works great for many other users.

  8. Paul Gu says:

    [quote comment=”2468″]Sorry but the site is behind a firewall. I guess I will have to try to fix it myself…thanks anyway :) Great work!![/quote]

    Please let me know if you find anything :D.

  9. boby says:

    I am having the same issue as Nick, this is a BUG and I have tested it on IE version 6 only. Will not affect firefox users.

    Initially when the page loads this is what i see:
    All the links are moved up.

    When you hover your move over a link only that link will be selected and rest will disappear:

    There is a small work around to make items not disappear by disabling the hover effect in gumax_link_navigation.css line 83 but items will still be initially moved up.

    Interestingly this only affects the first navigation menu.

    We need a better fix.

  10. Nick says:

    Glad to know it isn’t only me with this issue. I also got rid of the hover affect to keep the items from vanishing, but the items being moved up is still a problem. Paul, did you test in IE6.0? I wonder if most people haven’t had this issue since they are at higher versions of IE…in the enterprise, things are sooooo slow to be upgraded.

  11. Paul Gu says:

    I noticed there is an issue with navigation bar. However, I changed my skin to version 3.2.1, it works fine under IE 6.0 (I’m using IE 6). I’m not sure what causes this weird issue.

  12. Paul Gu says:

    I have updated the GuMax 3.2.1, please download the skin again and let me know the result.



  13. Nick says:

    I installed 3.2.1 and now it works fine in IE!!! Thanks so much for your help with this, and hard work on a great skin!

  14. Paul Gu says:

    Great!! 😀

    Enjoy the skin!


  15. Vasco says:

    Hello, I downloaded the latest version of GuMax and I have the issue Nick reported earlier on IE6… menu items just keep vanishing…

  16. rommel says:


    Im trying to remove or hide the navigation bar on the left of the page how can i do that, sorry i have been using mediawiki and gumax for just like 45 minutes. Im still learning the ropes and a help will be very much appreciated thanks!

  17. Paul Gu says:

    Please post your questions to my forum, you can find the link on my Wiki site.