MediaWiki skin GuMax 3.3 is released

MediaWiki skin GuMax 3.3 is a SUPER CLEAN Wiki Skin, it hide most of unused menu tools for non-editing users. It makes MediaWiki look like a very professional “non-wiki” site. This skin still supports different logo image for different pages, all you need to do is put the image files in the folder header with same name with page title (You can find the page title by view source from browser).

It contains a number of features:

  • SUPER CLEAN and decent look, no extra menus for non-editing users
  • Remove the article/edit etc tabs and Personal Url tabs for users who are not logged in
  • Log in, Log out, Edit, and Special pages tab are on the top of the page for easy access
  • Transparent background
  • Support many styles in one skin

Go to my WiKi site and download now.

Any questions, concerns, and comments, please choose the appropriate forum to post. This will increase the probability to receive an answer.

Enjoy this new skin!

2 Responses

  1. Mark West says:

    Hi, Amazing skin you are truly gifted. I have messed around with it a fair bit and got flash to load in the banner space.. Its my first time building a website and so far i been able to edit it pretty well but the only problem is changing the size of the banner. Any chance you can point me in the correct direction?

    Mark West

  2. Paul Gu says:

    Go to my forum and find the answer.