GuMax 3.1.1 is released

I redesigned the Monobook skin. These design mades MediaWiki look as a professional web site which can be applied to many type of business. Navigation menu and other tool menus have been replaced. It looks simple, clear and professional. They have all the MediaWiki facilities, but it’s not “MediaWiki look”.

This skin can be used from simple, personal homepages to corporate web applications.

All skins and details can be found at GuMax Skins.

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  1. Thiago Neres says:

    Hello, I’m really sorry to use this way to contact you, but i have a problem and probably you can help me.

    I’m from Brazil and i don’t speak English very well, but i’ll try…

    I used one of your skins (ycgu max 2.0) on my wiki-page (www.nossapauta.com/portal), but i’m with a serious trouble in Internet Explorer.

    Using Internet Explorer 6.0, the register forms doesn’t appear, i only can see the name of the page, some components of the layout and a white space replacing the register form.

    If i try to register using my Firefox 2.0, it’s all right.

    So, could you help please ?

    And congratulations for this skin, really nice

  2. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Thiago,

    There is patch for that version on my WiKi site, and it should fix the problem. I will update the original version with patch, and will repost it.

    Thanks for letting me know you like the skin.


  3. Thiago Neres says:

    I used the patch and now everything is fine.

    Thanks a lot ^^

  4. We’ve recently deployed gumax 3.0. We opted for that over sgumax 3.1 because it was easier to deploy, and had a more minimalist design. The only problems with deploying 3.1 is that it’s harder to place ad banners and logos.

    We did add a CSS element for the ad banner at the top of the page, and one on the footer as well. We’d like to find a way to squeeze a medium rectangle into the mix… but right now we’re just happy to get away from MonoBook.

    Thanks for the great skin, it’s running fine on MediaWiki 1.10.0.

  5. Paul Gu says:

    It looks good on your site :D.

  6. GRD says:

    Hello Paul,

    Excellent skin! I was hoping you could help me figure out how to center the links in the header (ie. Main Page, Portal and Help). Also, I would like to change the yellow highlight behind the links. Thank you in advance. Look forward to your future skin projects.

  7. Paul Gu says:

    If you want to center the main menu, this design is not easy to do, but you can adjust the margin:

    –> open file: gumax_template.css
    –> search for #gumax-p-navigation ul
    –> change margin-left to move the menu to right

    For color, it’s simple:

    –> open file: gumax_link_navigation.css
    –> search for #gumax-p-navigation ul li a:hover
    –> change border-top: 3px solid #FFCC00; to whatever you like.

  8. GRD says:

    Thanks for the help…the fix worked great! I’m also trying to add the ‘|’ between links on the header (similar to the footer). Any help is appreciated.

  9. Paul Gu says:

    You need to do folowing:

    –> open file SGuMax.php
    –> find div id=”gumax-p-navigation”

    There is a loop, you can try to add before , I guess I have that, but I didn’t enable it :D. You can give a try.

  10. Isaac says:

    I just wanted to say that my staff and I are looking forward to the release of 3.2!

    I have been following every release you have put out since literally 10 minutes after you posted the first time in the MediaWiki User Skins Gallery.

    Keep up the great work bro! You are an inspiration to many!

    I wish I could show off our site, but it seems our school’s server is having some troubles, but I posted the link anyways!

    Isaac Jessup
    Online Editor
    Campus Carrier

  11. Robert says:

    Hello Paul,

    I just want to thank you and congratulate you on this skin. I use it on my own site and it is by far one of the best that I have come across.

    Thank you again for creating it. I look forward to seeing more of your excellent work.


  12. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Robert,

    You are very welcome :D.

    Thank you,


  13. Samir says:

    Hello Paul, first of all, congratulations for this very verry useful skin for this wonderful software that mediawiki is.

    I’m having trouble with two things on the site i’m trying to build:

    -first, when i use I.E.(latest version or not) the sidebar act strange, when i select one item, the others simply disappear, then the user have to reload the page, there isn’t some patch that fixes it?

    -second, when i try to use firefox(latest version), the trouble of the sidebar DON’T happens =), but the images that are resized in I.E. simply are showed with original size, and let the site visually “ugly” =(, but don’t care much with this second, if you already know the answer plz e-mail me, if not, i’ll try to ask to mediawiki suppport.

    thanks for all Paul, and congratulations for the contribution, very useful!

  14. Samir says:

    e-mail test, sorry XD

  15. Paul Gu says:

    Can you give me the link so I can take a look at the issue?

  16. darkpollo says:

    Just found the text when you say to post here… so…
    Copy and paste. πŸ˜›

    The best template in the www. πŸ˜€ But, i dont know how to do a simple change.
    I want to use the extended theme, i changed it. Perfect.
    Now i would like to show the Wiki Logo on the left, and the header center as the default one is.
    How can i make to show the logo?
    I am feeling stupid. :S

    Also, i want to disable the center header and i am not sure how to do that. Thanks.

  17. Paul Gu says:

    For logo, open file: gumax_template.css, and then find #gumax-p-logo, remove “display: none;”.

    If you just want to use a default header logo, leave only one file default.jpg in folder gumax/images/header, delete the rest.

    That’s it.

  18. darkpollo says:

    [quote post=”90″]For logo, open file: gumax_template.css, and then find #gumax-p-logo, remove β€œdisplay: none;”.[/quote]
    Done. Thanks.
    But now i have a problem with IE, it look like the js patch for png files is not working.
    Any ideas?

  19. Paul Gu says:

    Yep, that’s an existing bug for skin, you need to open file:

    GuMax.php, find the tag: gumax-p-logo, and change to p-logo,

    also you need to open file gumax_template.css, replace #gumax-p-logo with #p-logo.

    This should fix that bug. I will update the file on my server.

  20. darkpollo says:

    Thank you very much.
    Still learning about your skin. It has a lot of features!

    it is great. Thanks again.

  21. darkpollo says:

    Well. I have now another question. I have already read all your comments in this web, but i dont understand this.

    I have find this code in css:

    /*- Main Menu in Header

    And i would like to make a main menu, but i dont find it on GuMax.php.

    I am very new on php so i am not sure how to make it.

    Thanks, and sorry for so much questions.

  22. Paul Gu says:

    Some are for next version, it won’t be displayed.

  23. darkpollo says:

    Thanks. πŸ˜€
    I thought i was mad.

  24. Amitabha Ghosh says:

    Hi Paul,

    I downloaded your Mediawiki skin 3.2.1 yesterday to use it in our project website and it looks great. Thank you for this great work.

    I was trying to figure out how to remove the Navigation menu on the left bar, and to do that I set the width of gumax-content-left to 0 in the gumax_orange.css file. It works with Firefox, but in IE the nativation menu still shows up and gets mixed with the main text. Could you tell me how to fix it? Also, I want to put some text in the header where you see a logo on the left. How can I do that?

    Here is the website: http://anrg.usc.edu/twiki/index.php/Main_Page


  25. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Amitabh,

    If you want to disable the left bar, there is easy way:

    open file gumax_template.css, and then find #gumax-p-navigation-wrapper, and add following inside the tag:

    display: none;

    For the logo, in the same file, find #p-logo, remove:

    display: none;

    That’s it.

  26. Sean says:

    Great work on these skins! Do you have any estimate of when 3.3 will be released? Is that the one that is being used on your site now? Is there any way I could get the code from where it is at currently?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  27. Ben Herrick says:

    [quote comment=”2450″]Hello Paul, first of all, congratulations for this very verry useful skin for this wonderful software that mediawiki is.

    I’m having trouble with two things on the site i’m trying to build:

    -first, when i use I.E.(latest version or not) the sidebar act strange, when i select one item, the others simply disappear, then the user have to reload the page, there isn’t some patch that fixes it?

    Has this been fixed? I’ve been through all the comments and I can’t find the solution to this issue.

    This is the only flaw I’ve seen on an otherwise fantastic skin.


  28. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Ben,

    I don’t know what is your issue, it works great on my site under IE 6 and Firefox 2, and it works great for most of users. I cannot do any fix for nothing.

    Have you check your site configuration? Are you running PHP on Linux, or Windows?

  29. Ben Herrick says:

    [quote comment=”2580″]Hi Ben,

    I don’t know what is your issue, it works great on my site under IE 6 and Firefox 2, and it works great for most of users. I cannot do any fix for nothing.

    Have you check your site configuration? Are you running PHP on Linux, or Windows?[/quote]

    Hi Paul,

    I’m using PHP 5.1.6, Apache 2.2.3, Mediawiki 1.10.1, and GuMax 3.2.1 on Fedora Core 6.

    The only other modification I’m using is the LdapAuthentication.php extension.

    The problem I see is on IE6. When I log on and go to the Main Page I see the left hand “Navigation” section fine. As soon as I roll the mouse over any items in the navigation section all the other options disappear and don’t come back even when I roll off the section.

    This does not happen with FF2.

    Unfortunately, the site is on a corporate intranet, so I can’t publish it to the rest of the Internet.

    Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


  30. Hi Paul. I love your skins – I’m using GuMax 3.0.

    I’ve just published a dynamic skin framework that works really well with your skins – it separates the code from the layout and the formatting – http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:DynamicSkin. it also includes a better sidebar syntax for generating dynamic page tabs. I’m also working on a “breadcrumbs” extension that also works well with GuMax and tab navigation – http://www.ehartwell.com/InfoDabble/MediaWiki_extension:_Breadcrumbs2. The net result is a web site that looks like static HTML to anonymous users and more of a wiki to logged-in ones.

    Keep up the good work, and feel free to use any of this code!

  31. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Eric,

    Great work! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Hello Paul:

    We are doing an redesign of our wiki’s skin. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to have a different banner and different left nav bar based on namespace or page. I noticed that one of the features of your latest gumax skin is:

    Site logo is associated to page

    Does this mean that you can have different logos on different pages of the same wiki? If so, how is this accomplished?

    By the way, I really like your design – very nice!

    Thank you,


  33. I’ve updated DynamicSkin to let you specify the logo image, which will let you change it at runtime (based on namespace, category, or whatever) – thanks for the idea, Patricia.

    MediaWiki actually specifies the site logo as part of the style for the header link,

  34. … which means you can change it in the style sheet. See http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Common.css for an example of namespace-specific styles.

    Finally, the breadcrumbs extension I’m working on lets you switch logos in a cleaner way – go to http://www.ehartwell.com/InfoDabble and click between the Support, Calendar, Apollo 17, and Home tabs. I was inspired to write this in the first place because GuMax makes tab navigation so practical.

  35. Amitabh says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your earlier reply. I was able to remove the navigation bar following what you had suggested.

    This time I want to remove the few page actions that appear at the bottom of the page like: Article, Discussion, Edit, History. I modified the Gumax.php file a bit and was able to remove those links on IE, but in Firefox they still show up. Here is the link to our webpage.


    Thanks for your help,

  36. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Amitabh,

    It doesn’t show up anything for me. I guess your Firefox was loading cache. Try to clean the cache and reload again.


  37. boby says:

    I am having the same issue as some other people, this is a BUG and I have tested it on IE version 6 only. Will not affect firefox users.

    Initially when the page loads this is what i see:
    All the links are moved up.

    When you hover your move over a link only that link will be selected and rest will disappear:

    There is a small work around to make items not disappear by disabling the hover effect in gumax_link_navigation.css line 83 but items will still be initially moved up.

    Interestingly this only affects the first navigation menu.

    I am running mediawiki 1.10

    We need a better fix.

  38. boby says:

    BTW i am using Gumax 3.2.1

  39. boby says:

    Here is better fix
    Replace gumax-p-navigation in Gumax.php on line 211 with pBody and you will get the old Monobook links for the menu.
    I tested the original code on ie7 and the menus work.

  40. Paul Gu says:

    I have updated the GuMax 3.2.1, please download the skin again and let me know the result.



  41. ozz says:

    your Skin is great. Especially that this skin is based on MonoBook. Currently i use an Extension http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:ShareThis. This calls the hook ‘MonoBookTemplateToolboxEnd’. Currently this is supported, but not correct. Maybe you can fix this with the next release.
    Great job.

  42. Vasco says:

    Another issue I have using Opera… I can’t access the horizontal scrollbar of the browser everytime an image has a bigger size than the theme.

  43. david says:

    Thanks for the great skin Paul. I’m installing my first Wiki, so please bear with me if this is a newbie question! What I’d like to do is simply remove the banner image. I haven’t worked out how to do that without leaving a banner-sized whitespace at the top.

    Ideally after that I’d like the Wiki-loaded logo sitting above the navigation menu.

    Any help or pointers to where I can learn more would be appreciated

  44. Paul Gu says:

    Hi David,

    You need to open file GuMax.php, and then remove the code between “dynamic site logo”.


  45. Ed says:

    Hi Paul.

    I love your Mediawiki skins. I’ve implemented 3.2.1.
    I’m using the orange option.

    Whould you be able to provide a PSD or any other file format with layers that I can use to change the color of the corners and other section? I wouldn’t mind playing around with different color combos.


  46. Phyo says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the great skins. I am installing your GuMax 3.1 and I don’t know how to change menu item names ‘Main Page’, ‘Community Portal’, ‘Current events’, ‘Recent changes’, etc.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  47. Sean says:

    Phyo – This is part of Media Wiki. Since 1.5, you can change the items by going to the MediaWiki:Sidebar page.

    http://[your wiki url]/MediaWiki:Sidebar

    This is documented here:

  48. Phyo says:

    Thanks Sean! :)

  49. crux says:


    Your wiki designs are excellent, and I use them frequently. I am currently working on optimizing the download speed. Is the handheld.css file necessary for web browsers on regular computers? Could it be optional? And if so, where do I comment it out?

  50. crux says:

    At the risk of being perceived as strange to answer my own question – I have recently obtained significant speed increases without changing any of Paul’s code on all my wiki’s that use his code by simply moving the websites to my own dedicated server. Hope that helps someone!


  51. Asmith says:

    I have installed v. 1.11 of Media Wiki.
    I can change to any Skin except yours.
    I’ve copied the sgumax directpry to the skins directory with the SGuMax.deps.php and SGuMax.php in the skins directory.

    When I load the page – it is blank – there is nothing there.
    Yet if I change the skin to cologneblue or nostalgia skins, these load with no problem.

    I’ve tried in IE and in FireFox.
    Is it the version change that is causing the problems or have I done something wrong?

  52. Paul Gu says:

    All my skins are based on 1.71 and up. You should see my release notes when you download.

  53. Nathan says:

    Hi Paul,

    Great skins! Will you be releasing the next version with built-in breadcrumbs?

  54. Ed says:

    Does the 3.2.1 version have CSS info for tables?

  55. Ed says:

    Just to be more specific, I don’t know what I need to change in main.css to create table that look exactly like the ones on this page (grey headline and border): http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki

    Does anybody know what I need to change?

  56. [quote comment=”2884″]What do I need to change in main.css to create tables that look like the ones on MediaWiki (grey headline and border)?[/quote]
    Most site-specific styles (such as wikitable, {| class=”wikitable”) are defined in MediaWiki:Common.css rather than per skin. You can copy the ones you like from http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Common.css into your own wiki’s MediaWiki:Common.css.

  57. Paul Gu says:

    That is been done by adding tags in the wiki content. Go Mediawiki and view source.


  58. HarisX says:

    Hello, i used GuMax 3.2.1 version on my new wiki site, but i can’t find print article with this skin, is it possible to me to create a print page with this skin?

    or is there any tutorial about how to create printable page with mediawiki?

    please help me, i really need it…

    btw, you have a great job!



    here’s my new wiki site : http://pustaka.otonomis.org/new/

  59. Paul Gu says:

    My skin doesn’t have printable function, but I will work on it later.

  60. Stephen says:

    First off I would like to thank you Paul for such a great mediawiki skin! Currently I using GuMax 3.1.1 for my site. I actually have a question regarding Mediawiki and I’m not sure if you could help me. I was wondering if you know of any way for me to allow single users to be allowed to edit certain pages (while still allowing the sysop to edit all pages).

    For instance, just say I want to allow a user named John to only edit pages on “games” and “toys” on my site, and nothing else, is that possible? Also could I restrict creation of new pages to only the sysop? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


  61. Paul Gu says:

    Check this out:


    Go to FAQ on my wiki and mediawiki site for more configurations.

  62. Clement Ongera says:

    Hi, this may sound a little too much, but i sent you an email earlier and i have a deadline for thursday, so, could you please tell me how to customise the naviation menu?
    Thanks in advance and i’ll send you the link for te work i’ve done, people already like the site, thanks to your skin and effort.
    have a good day

  63. Nico says:

    Hi Paul,

    I really liked GuMax 3.2.1, but I feel 3.3 will be a great release , as I see on your website !
    Can you tell us when you plan to release this new version ?

  64. Clement Ongera says:

    [quote comment=”2895″]Hi, this may sound a little too much, but i sent you an email earlier and i have a deadline for thursday, so, could you please tell me how to customise the naviation menu?
    Thanks in advance and i’ll send you the link for te work i’ve done, people already like the site, thanks to your skin and effort.
    have a good day[/quote]

    About the above problem. I managed to fix it and thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn the hard wan, now I won’t forget. Next time I’ll bother you with much bigger stuff.
    good day. and thanks for the skins, they are AWESOME.

  65. Paul Gu says:

    Great, good work.

    My new skin will be released in a few weeks. Sorry for delay, I was crazy busy in last few weeks.


  66. Harold says:

    Ok I feel stupid but how do I change between the orange and grey skins?

  67. Sean says:


    You will need to edit the css file found in mediawiki_directory/skins/gumax/gumax_main.css

    Uncomment the line that includes the orange css file –
    @import url(‘styles/gumax_orange/gumax_orange.css’);

    Just remove the comment /* from that line and save.

  68. Sean says:


    Do you like support questions posted here? Why don’t you open a section on your wiki for support? I could help update.

  69. Tony says:

    I would like to add a tiled .png as the bgimage, as used on the home page, in the MediaWiki on the same site, that is utilizing GuMax 3.2.1, and no matter what I can’t seem to get it to display. Sometimes I see it just once during the reload but it gets ‘covered’ with white. I’ve otherwise modified a few things with the skin, but when I was looking for something to setup that site, I looked all over and when I saw GuMax that was it. Stopped dead in my tracks. … perfect solution to the canned and boring MediaWiki skin. Thanks!

  70. Paul Gu says:

    [quote comment=”2906″]Paul,

    Do you like support questions posted here? Why don’t you open a section on your wiki for support? I could help update.[/quote]

    This is a good idea, I will try to setup and see if it work s for everyone.

    Thanks Sean.


  71. Mark Marucot says:

    I want to add a sidebard to _ycgu_max_ skin. How can I do that?

  72. Paul Gu says:

    Due to vast amount of emails regarding my MediaWiki skins and the limitation of using blog as a way of support, I decided to setup GuMax support forum to deliver better support for GuMax and MediaWiki users. This will also help me to communicate many other MediaWiki developers and users for exchanging techniques, skills, and experiences, so we can make GuMax better for use.

    Where to post what
    Before posting on paulgu.com, please make sure to first do a search on forum.paulgu.com; if you cannot find anything, then choose the appropriate forum to post. This will increase the probability to receive an answer.

    General Discussion
    Dicussions without reference to skin GuMax should be posted in General Discussion. Please note that GD isn’t a support forum for anything (be it PaulGu.com or anything else).

    Have fun and enjoy my MediaWiki skins!


  73. icaros says:

    Hi Paul,

    I got a question for you. what blog program are you using for this beautiful blog? Is it wordpress?



  74. Paul Gu says:

    Hey Alex,

    This blog is powered by wordpress, and using a customized skin.

  75. Alex says:

    That’s it, baby.

  76. Jayded says:

    First of all i’m loving the gumax skin!!!
    The only thing i can’t find is how to stop the navigation from moving when u scroll… Only the content page should scroll the whole header should stay in it’s place. Is there a way 2 do this? I’ve tried with adding background-attachment: fixed; to the header div but that doesn’t work lol ^.^

    Thanks alot!