Be care of this guy

I’m very happy to help users to get their project going, however, I had really terrible experience in people don’t pay me for what I had done for their project and still use it like his own, what a shame!

”’I post this to warn MediaWiki developers and users to be aware of this type of people, be very careful to do any business with him or you will get nothing!”’
His name is Patrick Flanagan, he asked me to help his project out, and asked me to sign a contract. I completed as his request and he refused to pay me as indicated in the contract.

This is his project that I completed http://www.littleplanetearth.com/guides … /Main_Page

Never do any business with him because he is a cheater!

4 Responses

  1. Paul, sorry this guy cheated you. I have had a lot of people cheat me in the past for wiki work, and have a very strict policy now of people having to pay me 1/2 up front for projects that I estimate will run over $1000.00. The one time in the past year I felt sorry for a guy and worked on trust, well, sorry to say I won’t do that any more. I have some wiki-centric work agreements if you want, contact me and I will share them with you. I appreciate your work!


  2. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Peder,

    Thank you very much for your comment and advise. Yes, I worked on trust before but not any more. I’m now asking them to pre-pay, or I won’t work on anything…

  3. paul says:

    Seems some of your friends have defaced his wiki. At least you know people are on your side.

  4. Paul Gu says:

    I know, the majority of people are good, there are always exceptional…