Welcome to PaulGu and GuMax Community

Due to vast amount of emails regarding my MediaWiki skins and the limitation of using blog as a way of support, I decided to setup GuMax support forum to deliver better support for GuMax and MediaWiki users. This will also help me to communicate many other MediaWiki developers and users for exchanging techniques, skills, and experiences, so we can make GuMax better for use.

Where to post what
Before posting on paulgu.com, please make sure to first do a search on forum.paulgu.com; if you cannot find anything, then choose the appropriate forum to post. This will increase the probability to receive an answer.

General Discussion
Dicussions without reference to skin GuMax should be posted in General Discussion. Please note that GD isn’t a support forum for anything (be it PaulGu.com or anything else).

Have fun and enjoy my MediaWiki skins!


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