Process Kill Script for Windows

In a case, you might want to kill one or more processes in Windows. Of course, you can kill them one by one in Task Manager, but you need to find each one and hit End Process button, the chances are you might kill wrong process :).

To make it simple, accurate and fast, use VB script. The script pre-defines a list of processes that you might want to kill; in case, you decide to kill them, just run the script and it’s all done in a few seconds.

Download and try it, please let me know if any comment.

Process Kill Script

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  1. ansa says:

    Hey mate I want to ask if you know how i can kill vaouw.exe and touxa.exe. On task manager thy are steel running even after i pressed end process. This 2 process cant be found on any proces library or virus library…etc. Its sems as unknown process.
    So if some info pls pm me or write here. tnx TOC