No PayPal – PayPal sucks

PayPal Sucks, aka No PayPal!!

I had really bad experience with PayPal and lost lots of money! Their customer services is a joke, they don’t care about their customers and keep saying “I cannot do it”, never solve any issues or problems!!

Check this out  http://www.paypalsucks.com/

Don’t ever use PayPal… Get any money out of it before they freeze your account.

2 Responses

  1. Howie says:

    Paul –

    Can you go into more detail about what happened? I’ve heard my fair share of people with problems with PayPal, and I’ve had a few myself, but I’ve never lost money (at least that wasn’t clearly my fault).


  2. Paul Gu says:

    It’s a long story, I contacted PayPal CS numerous time regarding account issues, they never fix or do something regarding my account issues. I called them, I emailed them for months, they don’t even care …

    Best way is take out all your money out of your account if you can … only it when you use it … or like me, I won’t use them for buying stuff …, their CS and insurance are all BS.