The easy way to install and configure Java SE and Java EE.

Today, we had a professional class called Java EE Architecture and Enterprise JavaBeans, and we learned how to install both JaveSE and JaveEE, and configure them. It’s a little bit complicated from professior’s notes. After I did the installation, I summarized the following three steps and make the installation easy.

  1. Download both package which are Jave SE and Java EE (Without JDK), and install both of them.
  2. Define system variabls as following:
    • JAVA_HOME = <JavaSE_Install_Dir>
    • JavaEE_HOME = <JavaEE_Install_Dir>
    • ANT_HOME = <JavaEE_Install_Dir>\lib\ant
  3. Add following path at the end of system PATH:
    • ;%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%JavaEE_HOME%\bin; %JavaEE_HOME%\lib\ant\bin;

You’re done! Is it easy?

Now you can test to see if it works by opening command prompt:
c:\temp>javac –version
c:\temp>java –version
and you should be able to see the java version information.

If you need database drivers, you need to copy the database drivers into directory: %JavaEE_HOME %\SDK\domains\domain1\lib\ext

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