Windows Explorer Folder Type Template in Vista

Vista has six default folder templates you can choose and change for the type of file folders you have in a Windows Explorer window. By default Vista will automatically assign a Folder Type Template to the Explorer window according to what type of files it contains. However, Vista will only use the default Folder Templates for external devices each time you open them since Vista will not remember the folder view settings when you turn off or remove the external media.

All Items template

Contacts template

Documents template

Pictures and Videos template

Music Details template

Music Icons template

How to Change a Windows Explorer Folder Type Template?

1. Open a Explorer window that you want to change the folder type template for.
NOTE: To change the root directory (Computer or Local Disk C: ) template, open the Users folder in Local Disk C: . The changes in Users will be applied to the root directory as well. Be sure to also do the Apply to All Folder Type Templates section below, or it will not apply to the Computer or Local Disk C: location.

2. If you want to change all the folders templates in the current window then:
A) Click on View or right click in a empty area of the window.
B) Click on Customize This Folder.

3. If you want to change just a single folder template in the current window then:
A) Right click on the folder.
B) Click Properties.

4. Click on the Customize tab. 
NOTE: Check Also apply this template to all subfolders if you want to change the templates for the subfolders in this folder as well.

5. Click on the drop down menu and choose a template.

6. Click OK to apply and close properties window.

7. Your template has been applied.

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  1. Carl says:

    While this works for temporarily changing the current view, it can become tedious to have to make individual settings for all folders. An alternative is to modify the registry and permanently fix the display problem for all folders as described at: