How to delete GPT Protective Partition

Why we need to delete GPT protective partition?

In Windows XP Professional, you cannot access or modify GPT disk, but you can convert a GPT disk to MBR by using the clean command in DiskPart, which will delete GPT protective partition and remove all data and partition structures from the disk.

Warning: The steps below will erase all data on the GPT disk, please backup your data first.

  1. You might see HD Drive in GPT status on Disk Management.
  2. Go to DOS command line (click on "Start Menu", then "Run", type in "cmd" in textbox, and hit "OK")
    • Type in "DiskPart" in command line.
    • Type in "list disk" in command line to show all disks in this machine.
    • Use "select" to set the focus to the specified partition.
      For example "select disk 1".
    • Use "clean" command to remove GPT disk from the current in-focus disk by zeroing sectors.
  3. Go back to Disk Management, you can see GPT disk is "Not Initialized" now. 
  4. Within Disk Management, right click on disk info, choose "Initialize Disk", You can see GPT disk is "Unallocated" now.
  5. Right click on disk info, choose "New Partition…", follow Partition Wizard and format it. Now you are able to use the disk in Windows XP.

GPT Protective Partition


Initialize Disk 

 New Partition

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    I’m dealing with an external hard drive that I reformatted to use with Time Machine for my Mac (unsuccessfully) and now want to go back to using as backup for my Windows XP PC

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    I too have been doing M$ for 20+ years and never heard of DISKPART (and I’m a dos/batch file junkie), so I go curious and find this article that gives more detail on the DISKPART command, it’s scripting abilities (scarry thought there), and detailed explanations of the various sub-commands:

    A Description of the Diskpart Command-Line Utility

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    armshead: Since you are going to lose all the data, why not do a Low Level Format. Always works for me and quick too as long as you don’t use the full option and do the who;e disk.

    Low Level Format is not good hard drive, needs the utility tool from the disk manufacturer, and it’s slow too …

    remember: “Low level format is always of LAST RESORT when you encounter HDD problems.”

  120. armshead says:

    The so called Low Level Format routine offered on manufacturers support disks is a perfectly acceptable method of returning a disk to its factory state. There is nothing sinister, “bad” or “last resort” about it. The Maxtor program which I used to use
    offers an option of “first 300Mb and last 100Mb only” This takes hardly any time at all.
    LLF is routinely used by sellers of second hand disks.
    The method I always use now uses Paragon Partition Manager Pro and take less than 2 minutes from start to finish, and will work on any disk whatever the format.
    Right click on the GPT disk in the list and select “view/edit sectors”
    Highlight the first byte and hold down the zero key. The program will zip through the first two blocks in seconds, Click save. Close the program. Re-open it and you have a blank disk.
    This is my “first resort”. I’m sorry if it offends Paul Gu but a thread which has attracted 120 posts obviously has plenty of people looking for a simple answer.


  121. Paul Gu says:

    Not at all Armshead, and thanks for sharing your opinion, and it’s good to know this alternative. IMO, LLF is used when the hard disk encounters hardware issue, and LLF does a lot more than DiskPart. DiskPart can still be considered as HLF and it just does the job at this point.

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    ‘list disk’ is to list disks, ‘list partition’ is to list partitions, which command did you use?

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    Mike: How do i back-up my files if i can’t acess my GPT hard drive under XP?

    Back up files on the system where you get GPT partition…

    Under XP, diskpart and initialize it, then hook the drive back to “GPT” system to copy files back…

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    Please see the comment #148

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    I used my LACIE 500GB external HDD in my iMac but unable to use it on my XP Pc.its showing GPT Protective Partition in disk management.

    as your suggested method if i run the DISK PART tool and initialize it via “clean” command then does it gonna format my external hdd???

    I want to keep all the content stoed in the hdd and use the external HDD in xp – thats my ultimate goal..

    Would appreciate your kind suggestion regarding this issue.

    Thanks in advance

  158. […] Pēc veiksmīgas veco datu atjaunošanas izdomāju HDD noformatēt uz NTFS, bet šeit radās jauna problēma: iekš HDD paliek “GPT Protective Partition” partīcija kuru M$ Vista ļoti smuki saprot, bet XP visas partīcijas izskata par “GPT Protective Partition”. Tad nu nācās gūglēt tālāk, un iemācīties, ka iekš Windows ir tāda komanda (Programma) kā DiskPart. […]

  159. Paul Gu says:

    Ony: I used my LACIE 500GB external HDD in my iMac but unable to use it on my XP Pc.its showing GPT Protective Partition in disk management.as your suggested method if i run the DISK PART tool and initialize it via “clean” command then does it gonna format my external hdd???I want to keep all the content stoed in the hdd and use the external HDD in xp – thats my ultimate goal..Would appreciate your kind suggestion regarding this issue.Thanks in advance

    See my comment #148, or you might live with GPT partition.

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  217. Paul Gu says:

    Paul Dewhurst: Was About to follow your instructions but before I did I thought I would give my XP install disk a try. My way works as well delete the partition with Windows install. Then just exit install. It changes the partition type to GP then the partition can be deleted with any partition tool. With this method no need to back up whole drive on a multi partition disk

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  227. Paul Gu says:

    e89: i recently bought a used external hard drive(from a friend using a mac). my pc reads the hard drive but when i used disk management, it says (Healthy GPT Protective Partition). How do i erase the data(if there’s any) without losing my data from my pc??? thx..

    Please see comment No. 126, or back up your data in the driver first, then fix it and copy back all data to it.

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    Backup the data to your Mac where you plugged in, then follow the steps above to re-format the disk.

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    I use the cd bootable mini XP and enter dos. Im able to start diskpart and select and clean the disk. When i return to disk management the wizard pops up and wants me to initialize/convert. I do this but the disk still says “unknown” and to check the system log.

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    If it’s not working in Windows 7, then try it in Windows XP.

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    Saved my a55 a lot of support emails to macdrive, who are quite helpless with windows administration.

  319. BTW for those of you using vista you don’t need to go to the cmd prompt. just type diskpart in Start Sarch dialogue box.

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    Thanks Again

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  352. […] Diskpart… and I've been trying for like hrs… then i found this website… thank goodness… http://blog.paulgu.com/2008/01/06/ho…ive-partition/ Glad to hear. I had never heard of a GPT disk. I'll remember that one __________________ […]

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  370. Paul Gu says:

    Desperate: Dude, my friend plugged my WD external hard drive into his mac, which wouldnt recognise it, and now my windows won’t recognise it. How do I clean the disk without deleting all the data? I’m a dummy with computers so if you could put it in as simple a layman’s terms as possible (ie, step by step!!) I would be eternally grateful. I desperately don’t want to lose all the data on the hard drive as it’s all i’ve got. Thanks in advance for any advice you could give me.

    You need to get the HD back to the system where you you put your data, such as Vista, WIndows 7, or Linux… backup all your data to the local disk. Then you can use the instruction above to re-format the disk if you need to.

  371. Desperate says:

    Thanks for that, but I don’t understand how I can back it up to the local disk when my computer can’t see it? Any ideas? THANKS!

  372. Paul Gu says:

    Desperate: Thanks for that, but I don’t understand how I can back it up to the local disk when my computer can’t see it? Any ideas? THANKS!

    I’m even confused now, where did you put the data in the first place? Are you sure you have data on the disk? what type of data? what system you have used before to put these data?


    thanks a lot its work i am really very thank full to u guys.

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  379. mikitukka says:

    @ Jamie – You need to create a new partition.

    I have a question: when i do the list disk command only my primary disk is shown. I have 4 disks connected to my PC and none of them show up. I did a RESCAN and still only one disk. grrr.. oh well ill just have to wait untill i get back home to me mac :-) Oh and it was the atvUSBcreator that created this partition in the first place.

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    Unfortunately diskpart does not show removable memory (USB memory stick) as a drive so will not allow you to clear GPT on these devices.

    As a note, it was a Mac using GUID that created the GPT partition table. If you set the Mac to use MBR rather than GPT it avoids the problem and you can read the key on a Windows XP machine. This was the solution in my particular case.


  393. Paul Gu says:

    Fred: Unfortunately diskpart does not show removable memory (USB memory stick) as a drive so will not allow you to clear GPT on these devices.As a note, it was a Mac using GUID that created the GPT partition table.If you set the Mac to use MBR rather than GPT it avoids the problem and you can read the key on a Windows XP machine.This was the solution in my particular case.Cheers.

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    Thanks from Japan! It worked.Is it possible to read files of \”GPT Protective Partition\”? Please let us know about it.Best regards!!CHak

    You need to connect the disk to system which supports the GPT drive, such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, and MAC…

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    select disk x
    clear disk x ?

    Will that clear whats on the actual computer or just on the ext hdd? Because the latter is all I want! Please reply asap, I need to get this done by tomorrow and noone else on the internet seems to be as idiotic or as cautious as me!
    Thanks in advance

  411. Vyce says:

    It will only clear that HDD. For example, typing “select disk D” and then “Clean disk” will only clean drive D, if you have a disk there.

  412. Paul Gu says:

    As Vyce mentioned, It will only clear that HDD.

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    Also great to see so many thank yous starting in Jan 2008 and one just posted hours before mine. This is what the web is about and the amount of value you can provide to so many.

    also, for any later google searches: HP simplesave disable hpt protective status.

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    I’m hoping someone can help me out with my issue. I have an old WD153AA hard drive that came out of a Windows 98 computer. It’s a 15gig…and I wanted to just do a quick transfer of my old data…without having to burn it all to cd’s. Bought an enclosure…and Vista recognizes the drive as a storage device..and gives me the “safely remove hardware” option. However..the drive does not show up in my list of drives in Explorer. In Admin Tools..it shows up..but no drive letter is assigned..and it won’t allow me to edit the drive…or assign a letter to it. Is it possible that XP will recognize the drive..in order for me to get my data off of it? I don’t care about the drive…would just like to retrieve the data. It was a bootable drive in the original computer…and the jumper has been changed to make it a slave. Anyone that can help with this?
    Please email to fleabear1028@yahoo.com if you have any advise. Thanks.

  424. K.O. says:

    I should add that I have a Seagate 1TB external that I have no issues with. A friend was also looking to get his data off his old computer that recently had the motherboard go down. As luck would have it..his drive is a Western Digital also. I had the same problem with his drive…so I’m wondering if it is a Western Digital issue…or something to do with the enclosure not working correctly.

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  430. Dean N says:

    I believe deleting the GPT Protective partition is about choice. I have both a mac and a pc and i did format my 500gb lg external hard drive into 3 partions-mac os x(journalled), fat 32, and NTSF . All partitions were done on the mac but the NTSF(origally a fat 32 vol from the mac) was reformatted on my pc to ntsf. So everything works fine since my pc runs windows 7(not xp). The GPT partition that shows up on my pc is just 200mb, so no worries; the idea is to be able to use my ext hard disk on both the mac and pc?
    what would you advise Paul?

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    I was lucky as I had bought a HDD that I found was GPT protected, so I googled for a solution and found this spot straight away – it was almost at the top of the google search, which perhaps reflects the poularity of the site? A fix, freely given, that took under a minute to complete – and otherwise I could have spent hours searching. Brilliant!

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    Be carefull with the commands you don’t know and when you start learning more about computer you should constantly back-up your data with a free software like Dmailer http://www.dmailer.com/dmailer-backup.html just to get you outside any problems

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    I searched for a long time on Western Digital’s website trying to figure out how to remove one of there god damn 200MB protected partitions on my new 500GB external USB drive. Nothing… Absolutely no information on how to recover and remove that damn partition.

    Google search and bam! Your awesome advice. I also have never used DiskPart and have been playing with computers for the past 20 years.

    Sending good karma your way.

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    Hi Paul. It sounds like you’ve helped a lot of people out. I’m probably less techie than most so still having problems. I have bought an external hard drive with GPT Protection. When I type list disk as suggested I get a list containing my internal hard disk (c drive) and the new disk. Obviously I don’t want to wipe the C drive so how do I select the new drive only?

  469. Shekri says:

    I attempt to perform DiskPart on a USB Flash drive, however, when i type the command it show me the fixed disk only and it does not show the removable disk… my question to you, is there a way to delete the GPT Protective partition from a removable drive (USB Flash drive). your assistant in this matter is greatly appreciated… my e-mail is inclosed above.

    best regards,

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    I installed my disk on win XP, backuped all our photos (wedding and baby …) on it. Wife plugged the drive into her MAC and now the disk is GPT protective and we cannot access the data.

    Please, is there any way to recover the data?
    I read comment #148, but we cannot access the disk from XP nor the MAC.

    Thanks for your help!


  473. Paul Gu says:

    Hi Kristoffer,

    Try to plug the disk into Windows Vista or Windows 7 to see if you can retrieve the data………….

  474. Smac01 says:

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    I have tried to plug in today my external Seagate hard drive on to an mac laptop and it showed empty!!( I have to mention a haven’t backed up my data, unfortunately)
    I gor scared and then I tried to plug it back to my pc(windows xp). It doesn’t see it, only in computer management as a ‘healthy(gpt protective partition). Is there any chance to recover my data? I have only important data there, I would be devastated to loose it all).
    Do you think that plug it in to a pc with vista could let me see and retrieve my data?

    Many thanks!


  479. Paul Gu says:


    Plug into any pc with vista or windows 7, and then backup all data on the disk first.

    Once you’re done the backup, then follow the instruction and delete the driver and format it in Windows XP. Now you will have non-gpt driver which can be used in both XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

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    This was a bit worrying at the time but when I restarted Vista (virtual machine) all was well. I went back into Vista’s Disk Management utility and the GPT protective partition had gone. Success, but others might like to know about the blue screen issue.

  486. Kilburnlad says:

    I used this on an external USB disk drive. However, I was using Vista running as a virtual machine in VWware on a Mac. When I entered the final \’clean\’ command, Windows instantly closed with a blue error screen. It reported closing down to avoid damage to Windows.

    This was a bit worrying at the time but when I restarted Vista (virtual machine) all was well. I went back into Vista\’s Disk Management utility and the GPT protective partition had gone. Success, but others might like to know about the blue screen issue.

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    wanted to install FreeBSD with ‘normal’ partition table -> error
    tried to override whole disk by creating one big partition (via a linux-system) -> fail
    tried to delete all and create an ntfs-partition (to delete it later) -> worked(?) but still gpt on the f***ing disk.
    read your tip -> all done!

    (your tip is the first hit when googling ‘remove gpt’, i should have tried that a few hours erlier…)

    thanks a lot, man! :-)

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    Thanks from me too! Had a USB drive that was used with digital TV and could not figure out how to wipe that clean to be used again with my XP.

    This cleared the problem, but I have to agree with one of the comments that the DiskPart is really scary! 😀

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    Too used to being able to do stuff in the GUI, I should have thought about using a command line tool long ago :-)

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    SELECT 2
    SELECT DISK:2 (the example)

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    i stumbled on this website. gave it a quick go, formated to fat32 plugged it into ps3 and xbox360 and TAADAA! works perfectly.

    i guess the partitioning programs couldn’t do anything when its locked in GPT. well u know what? EFF GPT 4 LIFE.

    kudos to paul. = )



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    u broked their tounge.
    I am going to post ur link in all the links where i read

    Thanks alot expert.

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    but i got only 465GB availabe from 500GB, any ways to get the remaining space ?

  566. Paul Gu says:

    but i got only 465GB availabe from 500GB, any ways to get the remaining space ?

    This is normal, those space are reserved for disk partition and file information for the rest of space.

  567. Damn You!!! i wanted it to stay protected. My Proprietary Agreement with other Agency’s has been Polluted!. You and that little worm GeoHot are ruining everything!!!
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    >>but i got only 465GB availabe from 500GB, any ways to get the remaining space ?
    >This is normal, those space are reserved for disk partition and file information for the rest of space.

    Actually it’s how Windows (and Mac OSX 10.5 and earlier) reports. HDD manufacturer (and OSX 10.6) says 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes (1000x1000x1000) = “metric” GB but OS says 1GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes (1024x1024x1024 or 2^30) = “binary” GB. So a “500GB” HDD is really 500/1.073741824 = 465. (There is a little bit of space reserved for partition and file information but not 7%!).

    Terabyte drives are now almost 10% over-reported, since a binary TB = 1,099,511,627,776 bytes.

  579. dapoppa says:

    Picked up a new Toshiba 500 GB external drive for cheap quite a while back and just found out it was for mac. Too late to return. Could not use on my xp nor w7 machines. Your advice cleaned gpt off the drive and allowed me to give it a drive letter and format it for use on my pc computers. Thanks for the advice and your help. I am moving files to it as I type. You have been bookmarked. Great job, thanks again!

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    If you erased the partition, then you should not have GPT partition, I believe you didn’t erase it.

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    I tried also with DiskPart, ‘list disk’, without succesful – is not listed.

    I verified on Device Manager and the driver is OK:
    – under Disk drives: WD My Book USB Drive is display
    – under WD Drives Management devices, WD SES device is display well

    Also the WD Drive Manager, WD DataLifeguard Diagnostic, Hard Disk Sentinel that USB HDD, only the Windows don’t assign the drive letters :(

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    Please help me ….

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  714. Paul Gu says:

    if the disk already contains data if the data will be lost?

    Yes, all data will be lost, copy data to another disk/usb drive before you do this.

  715. MAC says:

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    just do one thing first change disk format with Paul Gu method.
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    i hope u will get all data back.
    i solved my problem after one month search with this method.
    i get back my data almost 100%.
    try it

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