How to type French characters

Character     in Mac OS     in Windows with English (United States) keyboard layout     in Windows with English (International) keyboard layout
à     Option+`, a     Alt+133     `, a
À     Option+`, A     Alt+0192     `, A
â     Option+i, a     Alt+131     Shift+^, a
     Option+i, A     Alt+0194     Shift+^, A
ä     Option+u, a     Alt+132     ‘, a
Ä     Option+u, A     Alt+142     ‘, A
ç     Option+c     Alt+135     right Alt+<
Ç     Option+C     Alt+128     Shift+right Alt+<
è     Option+`, e     Alt+138     `, e
È     Option+`, E     Alt+0200     `, E
é     Option+e, e     Alt+130     ‘, e
É     Option+e, E     Alt+144     ‘, E
ê     Option+i, e     Alt+136     Shift+^, e
Ê     Option+i, E     Alt+0202     Shift+^, E
ë     Option+u, e     Alt+137     Shift+", e
Ë     Option+u, E     Alt+0203     Shift+", E
î     Option+i, i     Alt+140     Shift+^, i
Π    Option+i, I     Alt+0206     Shift+^, I
ï     Option+u, i     Alt+139     Shift+", i
Ï     Option+u, I     Alt+0207     Shift+", I
ô     Option+i, o     Alt+147     Shift+^, o
Ô     Option+i, O     Alt+0212     Shift+^, O
œ     Option+q     Alt+0156     Alt+0156
Œ     Option+Q     Alt+0140     Alt+0140
ù     Option+`, u     Alt+151     `, u
Ù     Option+`, U     Alt+0217     `, U
û     Option+i, u     Alt+150     Shift+^, u
Û     Option+i, U     Alt+0219     Shift+^, U
ü     Option+u, u     Alt+129     Shift+", u
Ü     Option+u, U     Alt+154     Shift+", U
ÿ     Option+u, y     Alt+0255     Shift+", y
ÿ     Option+u, Y     Alt+0159     Shift+", Y
^     Shift+^     Shift+^     Shift+^, Space
`     `     `     `, Space
‘     ‘     ‘     ‘, Space
"     Shift+"     Shift+"     Shift+", Space
«     Option+     Alt+0171     right Alt+[
»     Shift+Option+     Alt+0187     right Alt+]
€     Shift+Option+2     Alt+0128     Ctrl+right Alt+5

      For the Alt+number combinations in Windows, you must use the numeric keypad, not the number keys along the top of the keyboard.

      Some characters may not work in some fonts.

      To turn on the English (International) and other keyboard layouts for a Windows account at the University of Otago: choose Start, General Software, Utilities, Foreign Language Support, then restart the computer when asked. (You only need to do this once per year.)

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